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A Full Course Meal With A Side Of Dignity

a full course mealFirstly I would like to say that my subjects often vary and can range from love, sadness, or even anger. I like to change things up with my writing in order to help my readers to truly relate to what is being said. I feel as if I continued writing the same pieces over and over again that I would only be speaking to one audience.  This is a short poem that I personally wrote a while back. The photo above is also a personal picture that was taken last Christmas.  I truly hope to encourage my readers with each and every post and I hope that at least one person benefits from what I have to say.  Any form of feedback is welcomed, may it be good or bad. Hope you all enjoy!

(Title is the same as post title)

She is the greatest thing given to man, his source of happiness; she fulfills his mental, physical, and spiritual desires and needs. In moments of adversity she is able to calm him and gives him peace of mind. Yet she has converted from a woman, something of substance, to being nothing more than visual nourishment. Her voluptuous thighs exposed as fragile pieces of cloth attempt to cloak the remains. Her little black dress causes all those around to glare, to glare at her delicate curves which appear to be nothing short of perfection. Her bosom exposed as she prepares for a night on the town. This causes his heart to beat faster; he is in awe. A tingling sensation rushes through his body; his nerves are left in disarray. The attention from her beautiful brown eyes and her enchanting smile is diverted elsewhere. The sweet scent of her perfume rushes into his nostrils; he is unable to look away. Caught in a trance he can do nothing but get on all fours. What is left for the mind to wonder if all is clear for the eyes to see? She sees him as nothing more than a dog, a dog waiting for his next meal. She demands respect, for a gentleman to approach her, her prince charming, yet her physical appearance contradicts her speech. A modern day jezebel; she exposes the delicate components that makes up who she is. As she passes by in that little black dress she is no longer a woman. She becomes nothing more than large breasts, thighs, and legs. Her name, what she stands for and who she is, it no longer holds value. She demands respect, but is blinded by what society depicts as beauty. Is this her form of expression or simply a cry for attention? A perplexed soul misguided by insecurities. As she vanishes in the distance he returns to his former state, yet he is confused. What did he do wrong? Is this not the form of attention she desired? Her role to mold respectful young men is shattered as she has forgotten what it means to respect herself. She is the daughter of a mother, the sister of a brother. She is an example set for our children. She has become what young boys want to feast upon; the piece of meat young girls wants to become. She was the caretaker, the peacemaker, his lover, yet she is labeled as a tease, a whore. She carries such negativity but her beauty remains, the beauty that she has always possessed. The most beautiful things in this world are what come from within. The things she is able to offer, her love, her mind, her soul. In order to convince him that she is much more than what he sees, she must first learn to tame herself before she is able to once again tame him.